The Göteborgs Prima Fint

The Swedish snus has become one of the most popular alternatives to smoking tobacco. There is no doubt about that. In fact, it has been getting great following in various countries all over the world. If in the past this product was only widely used in certain European countries like Sweden, it has now expanded its markets globally. And the United States is one of its growing customer base.

The Göteborgs Prima Fint

In this regard, one of the popular brands of Swedish snus, which is becoming more and more popular in the United States, is the Goteborgs Prima Fint. As the customers and experts themselves both agree, this brand boasts of the premium Swedish snus in its purest form. It is of very fine and high quality.

Through the years, this brand has been catering to an elite group or type of snus consumers. In fact, there have only been a couple of changes in the recipe. These are only minor updates and the main recipe has remained the same ever since the brand was introduced in 1919.

Another factor which sets this brand apart from the others is that it does not come in a lot of flavors and variations. There is only the original and unseasoned variety. But do not be deceived because this is among the best in the World.


Swedish Snus: Kardus

Swedish snus has been used in some countries for quite some time now. In Norway and Sweden, this product has been used for about 2 centuries as an alternative to tobacco smoking. As a matter of fact, studies show that a significant number of men smokers have quit the vice since using snus.

The manufacture and use of snus in Sweden is also under by the foodstuff regulations. Hence, you can be assured that this product is safe for human consumption. It went through rigorous testing and screening with the highest standards in the industry.

Buy Kardus snus

There are various brands of Swedish snus available in the market today. But if you are looking for the finest quality, the Kardus brand will be one of your best options. In fact, this is the most expensive and exclusive vintage type of snus that is available in any part of the world. It is known to be the premiere and first-class type of snus that caters to the most elite group of snus users.

With this brand, only the leaf of the plant is utilized in the manufacturing process which is done by hand. Then the materials go through a series of rigorous procedures to come up with an end product that will let you enjoy nuances of flavors that you have never experienced before. Read more about the Kardus 2012

General Strong

General’s New Can Designs

If you are the type of snus user that is also attracted to the design of the packaging, you will be interested to know about this latest Swedish snus news. According to the snus news, Swedish Match, a reputable manufacturer of Swedish snus, recently changed the can designs of its General lineup. The cans still come in black and white, which refer to the nicotine content that you can find on the small pouches.

According to the manufacturer, the new design is sleeker and has a clearer presentation of the brand name General. If you have some empty cans of General snus, you will see the intricate logo and lettering of the brand. This was changed to a smaller logo at the top of the word General printed in a sleeker and more modern font.

You need not worry about the product losing its brand distinction because people will still know that you are using high quality General Swedish snus. It just creates a more unified look for the lineup. The new design still represents the long history and heritage of the brand.

This change became effective on the first week of September. Not all the products in the lineup have undergone a makeover, though, such as the Long Products and General Onyx.

Catch White Black Currant Long Snus

Catch white black currant long

This is really a long name for a snus. But to explain the name, the snus is of the Catch snus serie and has white long pouches (portions) and has the flavor of Black currant. The aroma of black currant makes it quite nice. It also has a gentle flavor of black current, it migth could be a bit stronger flavoring but in general it has a nice flavor. This will be a snus that I will use accationally, still prefer the flavor of General Mint. The snus if manufactured by the largest Swedish snus manufacturer, Swedish Match. It has a perfect quality as all of Swedish Match products has. It is worth trying and you could order it on, Catch white black currant long.

Göteborgs Rape Lime

Göteborgs Rapé Lime

Göteborgs Rape LimeA new edition to the Göteborgs Rapé snus serie, this with a nice flavor of lime. The snus comes in white portion (pouches), the same as the other products in the serie with exception of the Göteborgs Rapé loose. The flavor of lime is well balanced and very fresh. Perfect if you would like a snus with flavor but not to sweet. The nicotine content is the same as the rest of the serie, it contains 8mg nicotine per gram of snus. You can find this on (one of the major online shops of Swedish snus).

Jakobssons Melon Snus

Jakobssons Melon Strong

Jakobssons Melon comes in brown portions which releases the flavors immidiately and is smooth under the lip. The flavor of melon is strong and sweet, this is sweeter than many mint flavors on the market. It tasted very muck of melon, it is almost too much, but the flavor itself taste very well. This is a stronger snus with quite high nicotine level that you could feel when you put it in. The white can lookes good, it differs a bit from the regular cans with is nice. This is a snus that I will not use every day when it is too sweet for me but ones a while it is nice.

General mint snus

General Mint

General mint is a portion snus, this means that the snus is packed i pouches and very easy to handle. The mint flavor is distinct and there is no taste of any tobacco. It is sweet but not too sweet like other mint flavored snus. The white pouches makes the snus look really good and in addition the pouches are nicely packed in the can, in star formation as Swedish Match (the producer) call it. The mint flavor comes instantly and fills your mouth with a fresh flavor. The nicotine content is as regular Swedish snus, 8mg per gram of snus. For more information check out