Jakobssons Melon Snus

Jakobssons Melon Strong

Jakobssons Melon comes in brown portions which releases the flavors immidiately and is smooth under the lip. The flavor of melon is strong and sweet, this is sweeter than many mint flavors on the market. It tasted very muck of melon, it is almost too much, but the flavor itself taste very well. This is a stronger snus with quite high nicotine level that you could feel when you put it in. The white can lookes good, it differs a bit from the regular cans with is nice. This is a snus that I will not use every day when it is too sweet for me but ones a while it is nice.

One thought on “Jakobssons Melon Strong”

  1. I agree with most of what you said. Melon is excellent snus. Its a little sweet but not too sweet. Its taste is exotic. I have kept some around since I first tried it. Everyone I have gave samples to liked it as well.

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